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I started following Muso on Instagram last year, and loved their collection immediately. First I fell in love with this vintage Japanese print with birds. But when we got in contact about a possible collaboration, they just added new prints to their shop and I spotted this Geisha print. I immediately knew this was the one I should choose. I love oriental items & patterns, and it shows throughout our house. We have vintage lamps, this spectacular folding screen you see HERE, and many more.. So, this one blends in perfectly. Now let’s see more of these 3 ladies, shall we?

This print is available in several color options, I chose the red. I love how it adds warmth to our bedroom, and it matches so beautifully with the Spiced Honey ceiling. What is very hard to capture on photo, is that it’s actually a textile print in a frame! You assemble the frame and insert the textile in it, very tightly. This really adds to the impact this art piece makes in a room.

Textiles on textiles, quite literally. Perfect for a bedroom ♥

I have several spots for this print, but for now – it’s absolutely perfect here. Our daughter (3.5) actually becomes a stiff competition when it comes to new items, as she already asked me if it could be in her room. I think it would actually fit really well there, so I’m sure we will try it out one day. If we do, I will share the result here!

So yes, I am in love with this new addition to our home. Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you have a great day ♥

Love, Marrit

PS. This was gifted to me by Muso. I only work with brands I love.