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A new year a new style.

I think that an interior is never finished, it is a growing process. Since we moved into this home two years ago ,the interior has grown and changed over and over again. The last two years were a great journey full of creating and styling. It was a great experience to find out what works and doesn’t. In the last few months of 2019 I finally found the perfect items that changed the interior in a great way. So let’s start  2020 in my home, the base where every interiorjourney starts! Welcome into my home!

The perfect Walldecor

Art has a huge impact on your interior. To find the perfect piece of art that suits your personality and interior can be quite difficult. The last 2 years many pictures on my Instagram included a wallfabric from HK Living. I love to work with a lot of colours, and this wallfabric was completely colourless! So it was time for something different. But… where to find a piece that suites you? I found it at a Dutch company called MusoThis company designs their own fabrics. With a special frame you can use it as walldecoration. I fell in love with their Vintage Chinese fabric right away! The fabric gives the interior a touch of ancient luxury. Check out their Insta or website to find your own dream design!