The material

Your Muso consists of a high-quality textile print in a luxurious aluminum frame. The smooth polyester fabric has a fine texture and absorbs light instead of reflecting it, ensuring that the print is always visible. The frame is available in black, white, silver, and gold colors and has a depth of 27 mm. You always need an aluminum frame to stretch the fabric. The fabric is attached to a silicone strip, which is ultimately pressed into the frame to stretch and hold the fabric in place.

Due to its large size and to prevent damage, your Muso cannot be delivered pre-assembled. With the help of the manual, you can easily assemble your painting yourself. Thanks to the convenient hanging system, the frame can be directly attached to the wall using the included wall brackets. The frame consists of four side pieces and four corner pieces that you can easily screw together.


All orders are custom-made. Therefore, it takes an average of 6 working days for you to receive your order. The fabric is easy to replace and can be ordered separately. Perfect for switching things up! Due to the wrinkle-free material of the fabric, you can easily fold and store it. If there is a stain on your fabric, no problem, each fabric can be cold washed. Additionally, all Muso fabrics are fire retardant, making them an excellent solution for wall decoration in high-traffic areas.

Enlarge your own photo into a Muso? That's possible!

Send us an email with your photo, and we will assess if it is suitable for the desired size. Do you have any special requests? We are happy to brainstorm creative possibilities with you.


For a pleasant sound experience, it is possible to add sound-absorbing felt to your order. The material improves the acoustics in the room with a sound absorption value of 70%. The sound-absorbing material is is made to the correct size and will be included with your order. You can easily place it behind the frame of your Muso. All the information can be found in the accompanying instructions.