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Who is Muso?

Muso is everything that Eindhoven-based Mick Verbeek dreamed of. From his studio at Strijp-S in Eindhoven, he has been making a wide range of artworks accessible to everyone since 2016. Mick travels the world and meticulously combs through the archives of museums and libraries, searching for unique pieces. He loves to play with art, to amplify or modify it. His main target is the creations that haven't seen daylight for decades. Call him a treasure hunter, librarian, art historian, restorer, art influencer, digital artist, or whatever you like; Mick is Muso, and Muso is Mick.  

Mick - Muso

At Muso, you will find what you didn't know you were looking for until you found it.

With a Muso in your home, your life is never boring. It is a statement piece that adds character to your interior. We surprise you with a timeless and versatile collection of colorful, cheerful, and bold artworks. If desired, we can deliver a custom-made masterpiece that fits perfectly into your interior.

The Muso studio is located at Strijp-S, the breeding ground for makers and creatives on the former Philips factory site in Eindhoven. You can also find our small showroom here.

Why Muso?

We would love to explain why you need a Muso in your life. Firstly, you bring an impressive museum-quality artwork into your home; printed with exceptional clarity on high-quality textile, regardless of the size you choose. We are renowned for our stunning digital restoration, which transforms old artworks into perfect condition, ready for a second life.

Geheel naar wens gecustomized met een Muso twist

A print can be fully customized to your liking with a Muso twist, so that it perfectly matches your interior and personality. Do you find the Girl with a Pearl Earring more attractive when she's blowing a bubblegum bubble? Would you prefer to see your new Asian roommate in a green kimono instead of a pink one? Or are you in love with Van Gogh's flowers, but the yellow background clashes horribly with your wallpaper? With love, we can adjust the colors from the artwork to match your interior.

Your Muso is a true showpiece that deserves to be seen. That's why it is available to order in XL size, ranging from 50 x 50 cm to 500 x 500 cm. You can choose the color of the luxurious aluminum frame yourself. Nice to know is that the artwork improves the acoustics in the room thanks to its sound-absorbing properties. All of this makes your Muso more than just art. If you feel like giving your interior a fresh look after a while, you can simply switch your canvas for another magnificent piece from our webshop!

Art reproductions

Many paintings are of priceless value and have been circulating the world for generations. These artworks with a rich history can be significantly damaged by the passage of time. In the Muso studio, we give them a refresh and restore the paintings to a neat and as authentic as possible state. Digital restoration can sometimes take days. Not to brag, but the result is quite impressive.

Restore to perfect condition

A few years ago, we started refreshing 'Old Masters'. Then, we began searching for artwork from renowned Dutch museums such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. We now have access to an international database of artworks from all over the world. We restore these works to their perfect state and enhance them with a Muso twist according to our customers' preferences. We are thrilled when a painting from 1618 finds its place beautifully in the interior of 2023. As a result, many of our artworks are original and one of a kind.

Every week, we add beautiful reproductions and new artworks to our collection from our own art collection. Some of these pieces are one-of-a-kind; it's mind-blowing to have them hanging on your wall. We happily travel to Paris or London to acquire a gem from the market, which we then digitize in our studio so that more people can enjoy it. For even more artistic happiness, we love to collaborate with other artists.